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Spell casters of Tamriel utilize a pool a Magicka to cast spells. Magicka represents a character’s ability to utilize magic spells and abilities. Every time a character uses a spell, their current magicka decreases. If a character does not have sufficient remaining Magicka, they cannot cast spells.

A character with at least one class level in a spell casting class has a base Magicka is equal to 10 + one half of his Intelligence score + one half of his Wisdom score. A character’s total Magicka pool increases whenever he or she gains a level in spell casting class according to the following table:

Class Magicka Increase Per Level
Classes capable of casting 9th level spells 10 + 1/2 Int modifier + 1/2 Wis modifier
Classes capable of casting 6th level spells 7 + 1/2 Int modifier + 1/2 Wis modifier
Classes capable of casting 4th level spells 5 + 1/2 Int modifier + 1/2 Wis modifier

Characters naturally regain spent Magicka by refraining from spell casting. For every hour that a character refrains from casting spells, they regain an amount of Magicka equal to 3 + their Intelligence modifier. If this time is spent sleeping or meditating, this regeneration rate is tripled.

Spells cost an amount of Magicka to cost that is equal to 5 x the level of the spell (so a 1st level spell costs 5 Magicka to cast while a 9th level spell costs 45 Magicka to cast). Cantrips (0th level spells) cast 3 Magicka to cast. Metamagic feats increase the cost of the spell based upon the resulting effective spell level of the spell after all such feats have been applied.

Spell Points

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